Give Me Hope Foundation represents the resurgence or the rebirth of a group of people with a heart, ready to sacrifice part of their possessions in order to salvage the souls of many who are in dire need. We also believe that the kind of care people need is not the abused ‘love’ we experience, but true empathy, deep affection, total sense of belonging, a love beyond mother’s compassion and true agape love




We provide children’s access to quality primary education through
integrated programs and structures that eliminate the underlying obstacles that
prevent children from going to school and learning. We give hope for the



Water in some rural communities are populated and yet is the only dependent source for domestic purposes. We have a structured program to plant quality filtered drinking water will be instituted in deprived areas to curb water related challenges.





With our healthcare projects, we implement a screening intervention which is designed to identify disease in the community,
thus enabling earlier intervention and management in the hope to reduce
mortality and suffering from a disease.



Food aid


We have an annual food aid program presented to many children who are poorly nourished, lack parental care and are
found on street fending for themselves, with a wayward



The idea of Give Me Hope Foundation was conceived by One Man that is passionate about the well-being of children and that have over the years volunteered his time and given of themselves and their resources to children in various orphanages, babies’ homes, the poor, street children, windows, widowers, and the less privileged. It is our conviction that children should grow up fully integrated into the community.

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