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Give Me Hope Foundation CEO nominated for Forty Under 40 Awards


Wisdom Dordoe is the CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation

CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, has been nominated for the Forty Under 40 Awards.

The social activist was nominated in the Philanthropist and Non-Profit of the Year category.

The Award identifies, honour and celebrate a cross-section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age of forty from a wide range of industries. 

The nominees are committed to business growth, professional excellence, community service and have risen up the ranks of their companies or industries at a relatively young age.

Mr Dordoe is a banker and social advocate who is playing many roles aimed at transforming communities and bringing about positive change in the world.

In July this year, he won the International Philanthropist Award.

His desire to change lives has also been recognised by the Global Peace Chain Board, which lauded his efforts and awarded him Global Peace Ambassador for Ghana for making the world a better place. 

The general public has up to September 30, to vote for their favourite. The award ceremony comes off at the Kempinski Gold City Hotel on October 4.


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Give Me Hope Foundation CEO made Global Peace Ambassador

The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, has been conferred Global Peace Ambassador for Ghana by Global Peace Chain.
The award honours his tireless journey leading change towards peace and social reforms in the several communities across the country. 

Mr Dordoe is an advocate and social activist who is playing many roles that are ultimately transforming communities and bringing about positive change in the world.

In July this year, he won the International Philanthropist Award.

“His accomplishments to the changing lives have been recognised by our board and these awards have only come to appreciate him and his team on to do even more,” Founder of the Award, Dr Peter Kayode Falarungbon said.

His accomplishments to changing lives has now been recognised by the Global Peace Chain board which lauds his efforts in making the world a better place. 

Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony,co-existence, love and social peacebuilding across the borders.

It does this through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influential community groups, UN officials, religious scholars and community-based organization across the globe by engaging Global Peace Ambassadors


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How My Life Changed

In the year 2007, I was a security guard stationed at Fidelity Bank, where I managed the reception and common areas on the Managing Director‘s floor.

One day, the MD (in the picture) (Mr Edward Effah -CEO) was passing by and stopped to ask the reason why I am at a security post instead of being in school. I was very young and naive then.

To my utmost amazement, the bank offered me a job as a Messenger by then.

*While working, I used my time judiciously, studied and rewrote my SSCE again and for the fourth time I have passed.

*With an inspiration from environment in which I work, I applied to university as a matured student. With grit and hardwork, I passed with distinction and gained admission to Level 200. Though the challenge wasn’t easy, I successfully graduated.

Inspired by my life story, I Formed an NGO, Give Me Hope Foundation, that brought together people of the same heart and have impacted thousands of lives.

* Provided scholarships to 70 children in school.

* Got the opportunity to share my life story and the impact the foundation is making to the shareholders and Board of Directors of the bank.

* Just a helping hand offered to me, has today changed thousands of lives.

Received numerous awards and recognized by international Organizations for the change I lead.

I am a young banker who had braved the storm in my life to found Give Me Hope Foundation. Strong passion for sustainable development. You can’t take away my study passion for education, especially for the defenseless streets and neglected children. 
My staunch passion to help millions of underprivileged children who are denied of quality education was the motivation for the NGO that brought together great people of the same heart and has focused on eradication of poverty through: Early education for the streets and slums, Mentorships, Health, clothes, food, Skills training.

“Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” .

Let’s celebrate them when they are alive.

Wisdom Dordoe.
Founder, Give Me Hope Foundation. 
Award winning Philanthropist. 
Global Peace Ambassador.
Global Goodwill Ambassador.


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Give Me Hope Foundation Rescue a Street Woman and Her Children

I was driving around 11pm at first light when I saw her selling three t rolls but the baby at her back was just crying nonstop. I asked her of the reason but she said no sales yet to get the child some food to eat. I gave her something to buy food for the baby and added my core card.

I visited her at home and listen to her story and she also have a boy not in school. Her husband went to Togo and has still not returned for a year now. She has to move from where they stay because of the inability to pay rent. We cannot support the child with the same mother still in the same condition.

I decided to buy 50 pieces of T rolls for her to be selling in order to feed the children while we take education responsibilities of the child to go to school.

Change a child’s future through education. “Hope for Every Child”. 

The aim is to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in some of the most impoverished rural communities and slums in Ghana through education. “No child should be left behind and every child is your child”

To support touch more lives. Click here

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Back to school Drive Initiative 

Give Me Hope Foundation launches “Back to School Drive Campaign “ 

Change a child’s future through education. The year campaign with the theme “Hope for Every Child”. 

click to donate

The aim is to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in some of the most impoverished rural communities and slums in Ghana through education. “No child should be left behind and every child is your child” said by Wisdom Dordoe the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation.

You can be part of this story by supporting, school uniform, bag, shoe and books to a child through this initiative.

That’s why as well as giving children school supplies and fees, your support also helps them develop emotionally and make wise choices in life through ongoing support, counselling and life-skills workshops. Once children join Back to School Drive, support is available to them until they get to free senior high school. 

 Children between the ages 3 and 18 will enrolled in schools. This increase can only be possible through commitment and partnerships is organizations and individuals.

Emphasis will be placed on Early Childhood Development and provision of healthcare to children. Experience in the communities has further highlighted the important role this plays in proper integration of out-of-school children into the primary school system

Estimate of 400,000 children – approximately 1 in 4 pre-primary age children – are still not enrolled in kindergarten. “Pre-primary schooling is our children’s educational foundation – every stage of education that follows relies on its success,” said UNICEF representative in Anne-Claire Dufay. “Yet, too many children in Ghana are denied this opportunity. This is a looming threat to the economic prosperity, social security and developmental sustainability of the nation and a wakeup call to every responsible organization, individual and leaders in the private and public sector across the country to join us stand up for these children and do something.

Through partnership with various socially responsible organizations and individuals we can provided various educational and psychosocial support to over thousands children in Ghana back to school.

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We visited Nsawan prison to save guy who is supposed to serve 5 years in prison if a fined of Ghs 1,200 is not paid. 

We were made to listen some stories which needed our support.

1. A young guy is sentenced to 2 years in prison in February 2019 for careless driving. This young guy came to Accra to hustle for greener pastures. He drives taxi and was crossed by a 4*4 car. The man took him to police and the car came for his car and left him there. He was fined an amount of Ghs 1500 or two years in prison. Is unfortunate  he lost his phone and could reach any of his families. 

2. 19 years boy was sentenced in April to prison for stealing phone. He was fined Ghs 700 or one year. Per discussions with him His boss phone was on charging in the shop which he was there alone. He left to buy food within a 5 minutes and the phone is no where to be found. Nothing he could say to defend himself of not taking the phone. This guy cannot hold tears when narrating his story.

3. A young pastor who preaches in town got his girlfriend pregnant and the lady needed abortion but the guy refused. The lady came home with some medication and he took it which turns into heated confrontation he knocked the lady which she reported the case in different way and he was arrested and charged with a fined of Ghs 900 or one year in prison. He could not pay the fine and have to serve his sentence. 

Wisdom Dordoe.
Founder, Give Me Hope Foundation. 
Restoring hopes inspiring lives 
AfterPrisonShow Fans
Prison Break
Prison Break USA
Many Thanks.

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Meet the man educating girls in menstrual hygiene

Source: Ghana| |Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 12-06-2019 Time: 07:06:47:pm
Wisdom Dordoe’s strong belief in the youth and children has led him to start a small initiative titled iCAN Mentorship which gathered season speakers.

“We need to let our girls know that whatever sanitary method they use while menstruating, must be hygienic and that they should not feel ashamed during their period,” the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation said.

Mr Dordoe said a young lady having her period especially for the first time, is a thing of pride as it initiates her into the next stage of development.

This informed his decision to take his campaign to some Junior High Schools (JHS) in the Greater Accra as well as the Ashanti regions. 

Some of the beneficiary schools are Ordogonno JHS, Nsawan JHS and Presby JHS in Asante-Mampong in Kumasi. 

Speaking after his visit to the schools he told JoyNews, it is time society embraced them and it is everybody’s business to teach them how to keep themselves well stressing, it is not something the girls have to be ashamed of it.

“We need everybody to show support for it because it is important to health and nation-building. If we are talking about empowering a girl child through personal hygiene; it is not just about health but also about social development,” he said.

“Menstruation should not be something hidden or to be ashamed of, instead, the girls should be empowered with enough information and means to make their menstrual periods more hygienic and comfortable for them,” Mr Dordoe said.

According to him, if the men want to see their women succeed, it is time young girls’ hygiene becomes an issue of priority for them.


“It is common for women to talk about young lady’s hygiene but I want the men to come forward to fight for this for our young rights,” he said. 

Some of the pupils who benefitted said it was an eye-opening experience for them and they got the opportunity to know their bodies better. 

Mr Dordoe’s Foundation distributed sanitary pads and mathematical sets to the students.

Wisdom Dordoe is a banker and founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, an NGO since 2013 which has been the voice for children and less privileged. He is also the country adviser for Naifa Naif Foundation.

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Give Me Hope Foundation  organized an empowerment tour program for Schools titled’ Empower Them Young” at Nintin M/A and Presby Junior High School Mampong Kumasi on 30th May 2019.

The mentoring program is themed “Write BECE Right” The theme demonstrates our vision of providing tools for our BECE students to enhance their ability to think critically, take their studies seriously and come out with the best results as citizens in the development of Ghana. The youth serve as a critical target group for ensuring that the country’s future is bright. 

The mentoring program, begins with a day-long event including career development, inspirational speaking, leadership and civic engagement activities. 
The event culminates with Give Me Hope Foundation members volunteering as mentors of the selected students and  create a platform to harness students’ skills and talents despite challenges they go through.
Education has an immense potential to change and save lives. We need to encourage students to become exceptional in society by promoting individual growth through academic achievement. We would promote educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence.

“Our goal is to put them on a path to leadership. Use creative methods to encourage disadvantaged students to excel by offering mentorship, summer camps and after school activities”

It is the aim of foundation to boost the confidence of students through constant and consistent engagement with accomplished personalities across the professional field and we must narrow the gap between the student world and professional world. 

Mr Wisdom Dordoe The foundation is calling on institutions, NGOs, philanthropist, donors, and advocates for them to come together and organize inspiring programs of the foundation.

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Some new Junior High School (JHS) graduates have lauded the Give Me Hope Foundation’s ‘iCan Mentorship’ programme for helping them prepare adequately for their Basic Education Certificate Exam (BECE).

Beneficiaries of the program themed “Inspired for Excellent BECE” held at Ordogonno JHS prior to this year’s exam said it helped see them through the exam.

The over 150 candidates who participated in the seminar were taken through the Dos and Don’ts of the BECE as well as general examination and studying tips on how to answer questions effectively.

Most of the participating candidates were excited as they were not only mentored but the Give Me Hope Foundation provided them with some school materials including mathematical sets

Volunteer mentor, Cynthia Kumah taking to the students

“Although it’s just a day’s seminar, I believe it afforded us the opportunity and time to acquaint ourselves with best practices when it came to the BECE,” one of the candidates said.

Another beneficiary said, “We got the benefit of hindsight and it really helped in making the most out of the exams.” 

Volunteer mentors, Emmanuel Tsivafe and Cynthia Kumah, who took the candidates through various levels of preparations said they provided the candidates with psychological counselling to boost their confidence.

“We are motivated to extend our tentacles in subsequent mentorship programmes because of the testimonies of the candidates. We picked a theme that demonstrated our vision of empowering BECE the students,” Ms Kumah said.

Founder of the Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, said they aimed to remove any doubt and give the students the right boost as they undertake a remarkable step in their lives.

“We taught this will go a long way in giving them the right foundation in writing examinations so it will help them in give off their best,” he said.

He added, “making it an annual event and organising more iCan Mentorship projects will go a long way to improve on the fortunes of BECE candidates.” 

Mr Dordoe called on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and interest groups to partner them in organising such programmes to help JHS students.

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The partnership was kicked off at P &R ltd office Osu- Accra.

P & R Hygiene Limited will be sponsoring the foundation education programs with free sanitary for the ladies. They will be discussions with the schools to have this sanitary in the school to prevent students from going out of campus to buy them.


P & R Hygiene Limited is a wholly-owned and legally registered Ghanaian company with solution focus on the healthcare of women and teen girls with specific interest in Reproductive Health including Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management.

Our current range of products includes:

  • Disposable Panties with Pad
  • Menstrual Pain Relief Patch

Features of our Escape Disposable Panties with Pad

The Escape Disposable Panties with Pad which is our flagship product

©      Is sterilized for menstrual hygiene

©      It is disposable (one-time usage)

©      Looks and fits just like real underwear

©      Caters for Light, Medium or Heavy flows

©      Meets all pant sizes.


Our products are of high quality, uniquely designed to meet every customer’s needs for maximum confidence and relief. Said by Asiwome Dzinek the sales manager


The founder of Give Me Hope Foundation Wisdom Dordoe expresses his gratitude to the noble company for the partnerships in impacting lives.

We look forward with a fruitful relationship in serving the communities.

For more about the foundation:

or contact

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