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Give Me Hope Foundation organized mega Easter Charity Fun Fair for the underprivileged at Chorkor.

Non-profit organization, Give Me Hope Foundation has held its much-talked about Easter Charity Fun Fair program for underprivileged children at Chorkor on 20th April 2019

The Easter event that gathered over 700 children in Chorkor communities with its inspiring activities. The program, the ‘Easter Charity Fun Fair’ programme was fun-packed with so many free activities including; free health screening, free medication, face painting, food, drink bazar as well as entertainment.

The foundation also donated clothes, food items, educational materials and other assorted items worth Ghs 30,000.

On his part, the CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, said the NGO which is the voice for children and the less privileged in its daily quest seeks to restore hope and inspire lives for the underprivileged into greatness.

Dr. Gloria Amegatcher who is the Vice President for Give Me Hope Foundation said the exercise is one of the foundation activities which is free to children in the slums due to the difficulties in getting medical checkup. The medical team screened for malaria, hepatitis, hemoglobin, glucose levels and HIV status.

Mr Ishmeal Lamptey, the chief of the community, appreciated Give Me Hope Foundation, its  partners and all who contributed towards the success of the programme for helping their people, and appealed for the periodic exercises of such in the area.

Mr Wisdom Dordoe further expressed a profound gratitude to the supporting partners, Smiling Child Foundation, Dr Rose Clinic, SG Mobile Healthcare, Fidelity Bank Direct sales team, Greenland Medical Suppliers and Sagpro Medical Consult.

He also thanks all donors, organizations and members for sacrificing everything possible to make its maiden outreach program successful.

Mr Dordoe said 120 children have been registered during the Easter Charity activity to have never been to school or dropped out due to difficulties. The foundation will work on taking them back to school and provide the necessary support.

He is also calling on institutions, philanthropist, donors and individuals to support Give Me Hope Foundation in impacting more lives with its great projects.

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Kwame Ken’s got a medical condition called hydrocephalus which has affected his head and hence it has caused swelling.

After swollen, Kwame had undergone two surgeries already at Korle Bu teaching hospital. Now the specialists have said that he needs to undergo another surgery ASAP owing to his condition.

Hydrocephalus is a neurological condition caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid, resulting in pressure on the brain.

The cost of the surgery amounts to $9100. We are urging people for contributions to save his life.

Online donations.

Account transfer.

Fidelity Bank Lts Ghana 

Account number:2090086444016

Branch: Abossey Okai.

Name: Give Me Hope Foundation.

With your support we can save his life. 


Wisdom Dordoe 

CEO, Give Me Hope Foundation.

Ambassador, Child Abuse Awareness. 

Global Goodwill Ambassador.

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I see stories of women being raped once when they are young adults or even teenagers and I kind of understand that was bad luck and that it could happen to anyone. I also hear stories of girls that were sexually abused when they were little and I guess that happens a lot in our culture. Sad and terrible but common. They get the chance to meet people with similar stories and empower themselves to use these experiences to become better people….I am also trying to do the same but by myself. I guess my story is not that common and I feel anxious just to remember about it or even think I need to right it down. In general, I was sexually abused since I was a baby, then raped as a kid by 2 different men. Again during my adolescence, I got raped, drugged and raped for almost 2 days by different men that did horrible stuff to me. I was raped again by a stranger during my adulthood and I suffered physical violent and almost killed me. I entered a catatonic phase and came back felling like a second change in life to change this world so unfair, specialty with us women that are perceived and treated as positions of men…the rape culture has to end! We want to continue living even if we have to fight for that right until we die. Congrats to all you brave women.

Support us create awareness on rape.
Click here.

Give Me Hope Foundation.

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Life as you see it.
Pregnant women cry for help
Lack of basic health facility in Kwame Anum

The figures are joined to our hands but may not all be the same in size and height just like this deprived clinic located in a village very close to greater Accra (Kwame Anum inside Amasaman) our team went on a developmental visit to initiate discussions on other developmental issues in the metropolis and we witnessed a devastating condition of the only health facility in the village which is lacking almost everything a health facility needs to operate effectively, although the clinic was not one of our focus of visit we could not have turned a blind eye, as a social development organization, we have decided to start supporting the only health center in this community to reduce the rampant lost of life of children and pregnant women due to lack of basic health facilities.

The dilapidated building facility is at the verge of collapsing if care is not taken , health workers at the facility also cry for help and calling on the government for support, due to the bad condition of the place , lack of toilet facilities at the Centre and in the community is a major problem for the few people who are posted to work there.

The chief and people of Kwame Anum pleaded for this intervention to reduce the high records of death in the area due to lack of basic health facilities.

Contact for directions and more informations.
Miss Yarboi Tackie- 0277051480

To donate towards this worthy course.

Momo number: Call 0277051480 or

Click here for card support:

Wisdom Dordoe.
Give Me Hope Foundation.

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Non-for-profit organisation, Give Me Hope Foundation says it is set for its mega Easter Charity Fun Fair Child to come off on 20th April 2019

The highlights of the event will be,
Operation feed 500 children
Health screening
Clothes donations
Face painting
Bouncing castle
Free barbering.

The program will take place at Chorkor Lante Maamli (Extra O Park)

According to Wisdom Dordoe, the founder of the Foundation, they will also donate education materials and other items.
Give Me Hope Foundation is determined to put smiles in the face of the less privileged in this joyous festive season, restore hopes and inspire young children to greatness.

To crown the event, we will have a surprise performance by a popular hiplife artiste,” he disclosed.

The organizers are calling on philanthropists, companies and other well-meaning individuals to contribute to the project by donating clothes, food items, medications, time, et al.
Mr Dordoe said it is time to give back to society especially the less privileged especially children so they also enjoy the festive season.

Momo number: 0558504545

Click here for card support:

Wisdom Dordoe.
Give Me Hope Foundation.

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Sad story of the less privileged twins and their blind grand mother.

Name: Akorkor Awusi
Name: Akweley Awusi
Location: a suburb of Nsawan.
Age: 18 years.

This twins have not heard from their mother who is doing kayaye at AFlao border for the past 6 years. Because of the nature of her work, she was knocked down by a car and could not do anything again.

Their only grandmother looking after them also became blind at her old age. This made the twins dropp out of school to sell water on the street to feed themselves and their grand mother.
They wore tattered clothes because. The picture of their place of living is summary of their stories.

We arrange with the school authorities to allow them back to school and we paid school uniforms.

Their grandmother has other three children with her that have never stepped into the classroom before.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”
Their urgent needs include.
School fees-
School bags
Food items.
Something to be living on while the strive for their education.
To support them.
Mobile Money no. 0558504545
Name: Give Me Hope Foundation

Visit website:

Wisdom Dordoe,
Founder, Give Me Hope Foundation.
Global Goodwill Ambassador 🇬🇭
Child right activist 🇬🇭
County Advisor, NMF 🇬🇭
Ambassador, My Body My Body Child Abuse Prevention Awareness

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It’s with great honour to be appointed as Ambassador for Ghana for a great initiative to promote child abuse prevention awareness towards creating a safe world for children and youth in Ghana
Together we can make this world a better place free of violence and any form of Abuse.

Thanks to Chrissy Sykes for this Global Appointment to serve humanity the more.

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Am privileged to announce our mega upcoming program: 

Invitation to touch lives. 

Charity Easter Fun Fair.

Date: 20th April 2019

Venue: Chorkor Larte Maamli (Eslawo park)

  • 500 packs of food to serve.
  • Clothes donations.
  • Health screening.
  • Child abuse prevention awareness.

The future holds a lot of potentials, if only we harness them today!!! 

Join us feed 500 children and provide free health screening.


Click here to sponsor ➡️ :   

For partnerships:

#EndChildpovertynow, #EveryChildisyourChild #ProvidingReadingBooksForNeedyPupils #ProvidingDrugsToNeedyPatients #FreeNIHSRegistration #FreeHealthScreening #FeedingTheNeedy


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Give Me Hope Foundation in partnerships with Kaneshie Polyclinic organized preventable child mortality education campaign. 
The awareness on ending  preventable deaths of newborns and children under age with aiming to reduce neonatal mortality in Ghana.
Most of our mothers and newborns do not receive skilled care during and immediately after birth due to poverty.  Most of newborn deaths can be prevented if known. Hence the need to antenatal seriously. 

Doctors and medical experts who were the main speakers of the event also educated women on child abuse prevention and also educated them on security measures  on recent child trafficking that is making waves in the country. 

Mr Wisdom Dordoe, founder and CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation said Every Baby Deserves a Chance hence the awareness Campaign to  support  and inspires women from around the  communities to take action in preventable child mortality to improve the health and well-being of women, infants and children.
Children are both the present and the future and  they represent the next wave of leaders and decision-makers for our dear country.

The foundation donated bedsheets and towels to all the attendance. 

Appreciation: we thank Labadi Beach Hotel for sponsoring the donated items for the program. 

The founder of the foundation however called on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and advocates to support the campaign to extend it to other communities.




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A non-governmental organization, Sponsor a Child to School Initiative, has given thirty out-of-school children sponsoring to go back to school and gave out educational materials such as school fees, uniforms bags, shoes and writing materials, among others, were distributed to the children in deprived communities school,

The event, which witnessed career talks, mentorship and skills acquisition for the children living in the deprived schools, was in accordance with the advocacy program of the organization.
While many children in the slum do not go to school due to lack school fees, uniforms, books and shoes and clothes, the slum environment, poverty and lack of educational supports are enough challenges in ensuring quality education and satisfactory learning achievement for the children living in the deprived
It is not rare to see cases of 100 children which find themselves in difficult situations and out of school due to lack of educational supports. 

Some of this children are orphans, some parents are in prison, some are abandoned children and some families are also very poor and can’t afford just a uniform. Is heart breaking to see children wearing tattered clothes to school. 
Wisdom Dordoe the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation said the programme is under the organization’ Sponsor a child to school project which aims at ensuring that no child is left out of the classroom. 
The hopes of our nation rest on the shoulders of the children. Thus, it is our responsibility to help them march forward in life. And, so that they become assets for the country, we need to take care of their food, health, and education, now. And, that is the intention behind the Sponsor a Child to School campaign. 
He expressed his appreciation to Mr Ato Forson.
Ms Caroline Lokko and other donors for supporting send 30 children back to school.

The foundation is calling on institutions, NGOs, philanthropist, donors, advocates to support this cause by sponsoring /partnering/ or donate in touching more lives.

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