Wisdom Dordoe is the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation. He has over ten years of diverse experience in banking and is a young philanthropist. He holds a MBA in marketing from Methodist University, A Certificate in project management from Knowledge Tree International, A certificate in Card program management from Visa Business School, Bachelor degree in marketing from Methodist University Ghana, A Certificate in Acquiring business pricing from MasterCard academy and a Certificate in VisaNet Operational management from Visa Business School.


My motivations Coming from very humble beginnings and having to go through the rigorous mill of societal challenges, Wisdom is passionate about the well-being of children and underprivileged and has over the years volunteered his time and resources to provide practical ways and services to people from deprived backgrounds with the singular aim of propelling them into a destiny that is beyond their current limitations. He is convicted that everyone deserves a fair shot at making it in this life irrespective of one’s background and is poised to ensure this becomes a reality for as many as he can reach.

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