Young Ghanaian banker, Wisdom Dordoe took a double leap of faith when he decided to touch the lives of under-privileged children and other vulnerable groups by setting up Give Me Hope Charity Foundation in 2013.

With the daunting challenges of our generation, as various careers and professions are becoming more competitive, it is inspiring to acknowledge the efforts of individuals who turn their talents into charitable causes in improving the lives of others. 

These are the admirable works of a young banking professional, Wisdom Dordoe who has risen through all odds and has extended his gift beyond securing fortunes for himself, but pushing for social change through charity works. 

And this is how the attention of many Ghanaians have been drawn to Give Me Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization which seeks to protect, help and nurture street children, as well as all vulnerable groups so they can aspire for a better future. 

Founded in August 2013, Give Me Hope Foundation was set up by Wisdom Dordoe, working with Fidelity Bank in Accra to help address the needs of streets children due to his life-experience growing up as a child.

The foundation’s primary membership constitutes other young professionals both from Ghana’s private and public sector who mobilize resources from private pockets to fund all charity activities of the foundation. 

Give Me Hope Foundation’s core objective is to provide children from deprived communities the basic needs, as well as financial support and mentorship programmes to discover their inner potentials.

“The mission of the foundation is to inspire the hopeless, empower the street child and extend a helping hand to children in the deprived areas of Ghana. We also provide quality primary education to children through integrated programs and structures that eliminate the underlying obstacles that prevent children from going to school and learning,” Wisdom Dordoe, said in an interview.

Wisdom who currently serves as the Executive Director of the foundation, in his media interaction added that, “We also provide financial help by offering scholarships, concession and free education to children from poor and deserving families, that stimulates their enterprise and effectiveness towards education”.

Aside education, the foundation also empowers young adults, especially women by enrolling them in vocational schools and other apprenticeship skills and cater for their full financial needs throughout their study/training. 

The foundation with the help of its health volunteers also conducts health screening exercises in rural communities to help detect and treats diseases that may potentially attack the poorest of the poor in deprived communities.

In order to promote total benefits of health, the foundation embarks on sensitization programmes and health campaigns in rural and urban slums around the cities in parts of Ghana. 

Access to clean water is also a top priority on the foundation’s activities. To this effect, Give Me Hope Foundation provides clean drinking water to deprived areas to curb water borne diseases in under-served communities.

Food Aid, is another key area the foundation is focused on. As part of quarterly activities, Give Me Hope organizes food bazaars which are aimed at feeding a wide range of people especially homeless kids who are fending for themselves by hawking on our dangerous streets.

Give Me Hope Foundation also advocates for persons with disabilities in order to obtain benefits from relevant institutions and bodies in support of the blind, and persons due to injuries, accident or mental and physical health conditions.

Another area the foundation is deep-rooted is providing voluntary emergency services and social assistance during natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and also provide aid to the aged.

Since the inception of the foundation, it has successfully embarked on a number of projects, including School uniforms and shoes donations, providing tuition and classroom fees, After-School Tutorial Program providing teachings and nutritious meals.

Others include Eye of the Lord Orphanage Medical Screening and donations, Village of Hope Orphanage donations as well as a donation to Budumburam refugee camp among others.

Currently, the foundation seeks to draw attention to the daily struggles of inmates of Nsawam Prisons and the Borstal Institute for Juveniles as they fight to survive through whatever means in serving their jail term. 

The foundation is therefore calling on institutions, corporate bodies and the general public to support their cause however they can. 

Interested parties can contact or visit to donate.

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