Give Me Hope Charity Foundation has embarked on a vigorous educational campaign to sensitize the general public, especially parents and guidance on recent cases of child trafficking.

The educational campaign which was rolled out recently is geared towards in creating awareness among children as well as young adults on high cases of abduction and kidnapping which was recently highlighted in the media.
Speaking at the campaign, the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation Mr Wisdom Dordoe explained that just as the police teach children how to stop, look and listen before crossing the street, the need has come for vulnerable children to be thought in order not fall victims of abduction cases. 

“I believe it is important to teach children how to avoid being seized, how to resist a potential kidnapper and how to escape. Kids are vulnerable and it is our duty as parents, NGOs, teachers and security experts to remind them of basic safety rules…”

“The most important thing parents can do is to communicate openly with their children at home and create an atmosphere where kids can confidently speak up on whatever they are experiencing in their life.
This, he said will help re-learn some very old concepts of adult/children interaction in Ghanaian society.
Wisdom Dordoe in his interaction added that in any potential abduction situation, there are windows of opportunity for a targeted child to make choices that could save his or her life.
“Abductors sometimes win through intimidation, so it is very important to give your child good self-esteem and the confidence to carry through these possibly life-saving techniques. And this can only happen when parents and teachers practice these techniques at both homes and in schools with kids. 

‘Stop the trafficking educational campaign’ according the leadership of the non-profit organization will be extended to other schools, churches, and also at social gatherings. 
The foundation is therefore calling on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors, the media as well as civil society advocates to support this cause in helping create more child trafficking awareness.


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