A non-governmental organization, Sponsor a Child to School Initiative, has given thirty out-of-school children sponsoring to go back to school and gave out educational materials such as school fees, uniforms bags, shoes and writing materials, among others, were distributed to the children in deprived communities school,

The event, which witnessed career talks, mentorship and skills acquisition for the children living in the deprived schools, was in accordance with the advocacy program of the organization. 
While many children in the slum do not go to school due to lack school fees, uniforms, books and shoes and clothes, the slum environment, poverty and lack of educational supports are enough challenges in ensuring quality education and satisfactory learning achievement for the children living in the deprived 
It is not rare to see cases of 100 children which find themselves in difficult situations and out of school due to lack of educational supports. 

Some of this children are orphans, some parents are in prison, some are abandoned children and some families are also very poor and can’t afford just a uniform. Is heart breaking to see children wearing tattered clothes to school. 
Wisdom Dordoe the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation said the programme is under the organization’ Sponsor a child to school project which aims at ensuring that no child is left out of the classroom. 
The hopes of our nation rest on the shoulders of the children. Thus, it is our responsibility to help them march forward in life. And, so that they become assets for the country, we need to take care of their food, health, and education, now. And, that is the intention behind the Sponsor a Child to School campaign. 
He expressed his appreciation to Mr Ato Forson.
Ms Caroline Lokko and other donors for supporting send 30 children back to school.

The foundation is calling on institutions, NGOs, philanthropist, donors, advocates to support this cause by sponsoring /partnering/ or donate in touching more lives.


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