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Pregnant women cry for help
Lack of basic health facility in Kwame Anum

The figures are joined to our hands but may not all be the same in size and height just like this deprived clinic located in a village very close to greater Accra (Kwame Anum inside Amasaman) our team went on a developmental visit to initiate discussions on other developmental issues in the metropolis and we witnessed a devastating condition of the only health facility in the village which is lacking almost everything a health facility needs to operate effectively, although the clinic was not one of our focus of visit we could not have turned a blind eye, as a social development organization, we have decided to start supporting the only health center in this community to reduce the rampant lost of life of children and pregnant women due to lack of basic health facilities.

The dilapidated building facility is at the verge of collapsing if care is not taken , health workers at the facility also cry for help and calling on the government for support, due to the bad condition of the place , lack of toilet facilities at the Centre and in the community is a major problem for the few people who are posted to work there.

The chief and people of Kwame Anum pleaded for this intervention to reduce the high records of death in the area due to lack of basic health facilities.

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