I see stories of women being raped once when they are young adults or even teenagers and I kind of understand that was bad luck and that it could happen to anyone. I also hear stories of girls that were sexually abused when they were little and I guess that happens a lot in our culture. Sad and terrible but common. They get the chance to meet people with similar stories and empower themselves to use these experiences to become better people….I am also trying to do the same but by myself. I guess my story is not that common and I feel anxious just to remember about it or even think I need to right it down. In general, I was sexually abused since I was a baby, then raped as a kid by 2 different men. Again during my adolescence, I got raped, drugged and raped for almost 2 days by different men that did horrible stuff to me. I was raped again by a stranger during my adulthood and I suffered physical violent and almost killed me. I entered a catatonic phase and came back felling like a second change in life to change this world so unfair, specialty with us women that are perceived and treated as positions of men…the rape culture has to end! We want to continue living even if we have to fight for that right until we die. Congrats to all you brave women.

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