Save Mother and Child.

The heart-breaking story of a woman I met selling T-rolls on the streets of Accra at about  10:30 pm , carrying a baby at her back. 

Madam Cecilia Kofopanm is a mother who is struggling to save her sick child and  provide food for her two children by selling T-rolls in traffic.

On 25th February I was driving through town at about 10 pm and whiles heading towards a traffic light I saw this woman with a baby at her back selling T-roll. When she approached me I could see the child crying profusely so I asked her what was wrong with the baby. Then she said the child had not eaten since afternoon and not feeling well too. I gave her some money to buy food for the child and herself. I also gave her my complementary card to call me later. 

A week or two later, I received a call from her and arranged to meet her. I visited her and she told me her touching life stories. She has two children currently. She shared briefly that when she was pregnant with her second child,her husband who is a business man traveled to Togo to buy goods and never returned. Life became tough for them and her rent was also due which she could not pay and so was sent packing by the landlord. She is currently living in a wooden structure in a slum. Her first child has dropped out of school because she could not afford the fees.

I asked her how much she makes a day as a profit from her street T-rolls business. She said the cost is $ 2 and sell it for $2.50 and make $0.50 profits on each and she sometimes sells up 6 pieces a day. 

I can’t say i feel her pain, but i feel pain watching her in so much pain and discomfort.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.” 

Let’s support her to save her families.

Click this link to support.

To see her or know other information about her. Please let’s arrange.


Wisdom Dordoe.

Founder/CEO, Give Me Hope Foundation.

Country advisor, Maruf Naifa Foundation.

Global Goodwill Ambassador. 

Children rights activists.

Many thanks.


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