From New York to Paris to Beijing, every human is said to have the power and opportunity to become successful in life, whether born into a rich family or poor, or even living a normal life or living with any form of disability.

However, in Ghana, there are very little opportunities as well as social intervention initiatives put in place to cushion persons living with disabilities.

On March 8, 2019, I was struck by the chilling story of a man together with his wife, who are all physically-challenged persons while on a visit to the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

The physically-challenged man whose wife was visibly pregnant shared his story with me on how he and his wife’s lives have been touched by a young man they described in their words as a ‘Guardian Angel’.

The man, who was in crutches while his wife was also in a wheelchair, gave his name as Emmanuel Bonah and legally married to his wife.

Mr Bonah, believed to be in his 40s narrating his ordeal revealed that he almost gave up on life after doctors at the Ridge Hospital told him that his pregnant wife was in a condition that needed her to go through cesarean-section in order to save her and that of his unborn baby, but couldn’t afford to raise any money.

Emmanuel Bonah who was almost in tears in his conversation told me that, in the middle of his frustration; he approached and narrated his plight to an unknown young man by the roadside around Ridge Hospital area, who instantly offered to assist him.

He added that, although he had little hope approaching the ‘stranger’ about his wife’s condition, he was amazed at the swift response and the compassion demonstrated by the young man towards him.

“This young man followed me to the hospital and guaranteed his personal car he was driving in, and urged the doctor to go ahead with the surgery and that he will come back and pay the bills and take back his car, such an unbelievable hero,” the man narrated amid tears.

Mr. Bonah insisted that his wife who was at the point of death together with his baby boy got their lives saved through the kind gesture of this ‘strange angel’.

And as a journalist, I decided to dig further in order to uncover more about the activities of this kind young man.

However, my checks revealed that the ‘Guardian Angel’ in question is a young banker and philanthropist who currently works with Ghana’s Fidelity Bank.

He is also the founder of Give Me Hope Charity Foundation that has touched thousands of lives over the years.

Speaking exclusively to this young man, he gave his full name as Wisdom Dordoe, and insisted that his gesture to Mr. and Mrs. Bonah was influenced by his poor upbringing as a child far back in the Volta Region of Ghana.

“I have seen and tasted how poverty is and I have always promised myself to make a difference by touching other underprivileged people’s lives in society, especially vulnerable groups and children,” Wisdom Dordoe said.

Give Me Hope Foundation which was founded in 2013 is aimed at restoring hope and inspiring the lives of underprivileged people in Ghana.

“My ultimate aim is to see every Ghanaian child get access to education, empower the youth, create child abuse awareness, expose domestic violence and as well give voice to the voiceless,” he added.

Give Me Hope Foundation has over the years embarked on numerous life-changing projects by touching the lives of orphanage homes, street children, prison inmates as well as vulnerable individuals across the country.

Mr. Wisdom Dordoe in his final submission encouraged Ghanaian youth to develop more interest in charity and community works; by tackling pressing issues that matter most to them in society.

“I cannot stress how important this is in every society by addressing an issue that you’re emotionally connected with in order to bring real results and change into the lives of other people regardless of your income bracket,” he said.

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