The partnership was kicked off at P &R ltd office Osu- Accra.

P & R Hygiene Limited will be sponsoring the foundation education programs with free sanitary for the ladies. They will be discussions with the schools to have this sanitary in the school to prevent students from going out of campus to buy them.


P & R Hygiene Limited is a wholly-owned and legally registered Ghanaian company with solution focus on the healthcare of women and teen girls with specific interest in Reproductive Health including Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management.

Our current range of products includes:

  • Disposable Panties with Pad
  • Menstrual Pain Relief Patch

Features of our Escape Disposable Panties with Pad

The Escape Disposable Panties with Pad which is our flagship product

©      Is sterilized for menstrual hygiene

©      It is disposable (one-time usage)

©      Looks and fits just like real underwear

©      Caters for Light, Medium or Heavy flows

©      Meets all pant sizes.


Our products are of high quality, uniquely designed to meet every customer’s needs for maximum confidence and relief. Said by Asiwome Dzinek the sales manager


The founder of Give Me Hope Foundation Wisdom Dordoe expresses his gratitude to the noble company for the partnerships in impacting lives.

We look forward with a fruitful relationship in serving the communities.

For more about the foundation:

or contact

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