Give Me Hope Foundation Rescue a Street Woman and Her Children

I was driving around 11pm at first light when I saw her selling three t rolls but the baby at her back was just crying nonstop. I asked her of the reason but she said no sales yet to get the child some food to eat. I gave her something to buy food for the baby and added my core card.

I visited her at home and listen to her story and she also have a boy not in school. Her husband went to Togo and has still not returned for a year now. She has to move from where they stay because of the inability to pay rent. We cannot support the child with the same mother still in the same condition.

I decided to buy 50 pieces of T rolls for her to be selling in order to feed the children while we take education responsibilities of the child to go to school.

Change a child’s future through education. “Hope for Every Child”. 

The aim is to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in some of the most impoverished rural communities and slums in Ghana through education. “No child should be left behind and every child is your child”

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