Give Me Hope Foundation  organized an empowerment tour program for Schools titled’ Empower Them Young” at Nintin M/A and Presby Junior High School Mampong Kumasi on 30th May 2019.

The mentoring program is themed “Write BECE Right” The theme demonstrates our vision of providing tools for our BECE students to enhance their ability to think critically, take their studies seriously and come out with the best results as citizens in the development of Ghana. The youth serve as a critical target group for ensuring that the country’s future is bright. 

The mentoring program, begins with a day-long event including career development, inspirational speaking, leadership and civic engagement activities. 
The event culminates with Give Me Hope Foundation members volunteering as mentors of the selected students and  create a platform to harness students’ skills and talents despite challenges they go through.
Education has an immense potential to change and save lives. We need to encourage students to become exceptional in society by promoting individual growth through academic achievement. We would promote educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence.

“Our goal is to put them on a path to leadership. Use creative methods to encourage disadvantaged students to excel by offering mentorship, summer camps and after school activities”

It is the aim of foundation to boost the confidence of students through constant and consistent engagement with accomplished personalities across the professional field and we must narrow the gap between the student world and professional world. 

Mr Wisdom Dordoe The foundation is calling on institutions, NGOs, philanthropist, donors, and advocates for them to come together and organize inspiring programs of the foundation.

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