Some new Junior High School (JHS) graduates have lauded the Give Me Hope Foundation’s ‘iCan Mentorship’ programme for helping them prepare adequately for their Basic Education Certificate Exam (BECE).

Beneficiaries of the program themed “Inspired for Excellent BECE” held at Ordogonno JHS prior to this year’s exam said it helped see them through the exam.

The over 150 candidates who participated in the seminar were taken through the Dos and Don’ts of the BECE as well as general examination and studying tips on how to answer questions effectively.

Most of the participating candidates were excited as they were not only mentored but the Give Me Hope Foundation provided them with some school materials including mathematical sets

Volunteer mentor, Cynthia Kumah taking to the students

“Although it’s just a day’s seminar, I believe it afforded us the opportunity and time to acquaint ourselves with best practices when it came to the BECE,” one of the candidates said.

Another beneficiary said, “We got the benefit of hindsight and it really helped in making the most out of the exams.” 

Volunteer mentors, Emmanuel Tsivafe and Cynthia Kumah, who took the candidates through various levels of preparations said they provided the candidates with psychological counselling to boost their confidence.

“We are motivated to extend our tentacles in subsequent mentorship programmes because of the testimonies of the candidates. We picked a theme that demonstrated our vision of empowering BECE the students,” Ms Kumah said.

Founder of the Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, said they aimed to remove any doubt and give the students the right boost as they undertake a remarkable step in their lives.

“We taught this will go a long way in giving them the right foundation in writing examinations so it will help them in give off their best,” he said.

He added, “making it an annual event and organising more iCan Mentorship projects will go a long way to improve on the fortunes of BECE candidates.” 

Mr Dordoe called on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and interest groups to partner them in organising such programmes to help JHS students.

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