We visited Nsawan prison to save guy who is supposed to serve 5 years in prison if a fined of Ghs 1,200 is not paid. 

We were made to listen some stories which needed our support.

1. A young guy is sentenced to 2 years in prison in February 2019 for careless driving. This young guy came to Accra to hustle for greener pastures. He drives taxi and was crossed by a 4*4 car. The man took him to police and the car came for his car and left him there. He was fined an amount of Ghs 1500 or two years in prison. Is unfortunate  he lost his phone and could reach any of his families. 

2. 19 years boy was sentenced in April to prison for stealing phone. He was fined Ghs 700 or one year. Per discussions with him His boss phone was on charging in the shop which he was there alone. He left to buy food within a 5 minutes and the phone is no where to be found. Nothing he could say to defend himself of not taking the phone. This guy cannot hold tears when narrating his story.

3. A young pastor who preaches in town got his girlfriend pregnant and the lady needed abortion but the guy refused. The lady came home with some medication and he took it which turns into heated confrontation he knocked the lady which she reported the case in different way and he was arrested and charged with a fined of Ghs 900 or one year in prison. He could not pay the fine and have to serve his sentence. 

Wisdom Dordoe.
Founder, Give Me Hope Foundation.
Restoring hopes inspiring lives 
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