Plea of an innocent child
I received an email in the foundation inbox from a young girl who wanted my contact to discuss something confidential with me.
I gave her my contact and she called to say unbearable things.

She narrates a story about the father who has been accused wrongly for rape he never committed and she swore her father never did and will not do such thing.
She is the only child of her father and the mother left the father eight years now ago. The father is in police custody for months now and will be going to court soon.

The young girl pleaded I meet the father so as to lend my support where need be. She however emphasized the need to keep it confidential; keen to keep it from intruders.
I went to the police station dressed very informal and in mufti outfit as the son to the man who wanted to see his father. It took me time to prove to the police that I am the son and works as a truck puller in Accra. I learnt about my father’s story and I dearly want to see him; I had to shed tears to earn sympathy from the police officer. The police gave me a glimpse of hope as he gave me the chance to enter and have a short time with him noting such visits are not allowed but for my sake and for the man in custody.

The man said his father gave birth to four children. Three men and a lady. His father left some properties before his untimely demise. However, One of their uncle’s in the family has been fighting them for the same properties after the death of both parents. All his brothers and sister lost their lives through this property. One of the brother was poisoned and his sister was knocked down by an unknown car.
He gave out all the lands to the uncle leaving the house only but his uncle wanted to still eliminate him by all means.

His wife left him some years now because he fell sick and lost his manhood. This is confidential which his child should not know, he said.

He was accused of raping his uncle’s child which he never did and will not, he reckoned. The police doctors report states the child was raped but there’s nothing he could say to prove his innocence.

I asked the man to show me where his wife is and he did. I embarked on a journey to the village thus by a far distance to see the woman and wherewith proved a tedious endeavor. She needed to be convinced and asked continuously so to say the truth of the man loosing the manhood.
She told me the truth and I made her to give me proofs to show she married the man legally. I took the woman to Accra and kept her in a safe place. The court sitting was today Thursday. I brought the woman to court with my legal advisor for her to witness and testify in order to save the innocent man. She left the man because of that and God being so good she saved him.
The court has granted bail to the man and adjourn the case to next two weeks and also asked us to go for medical report to proof the man is actually impotent as said.

God being so good two hospitals just finished their reports and all proofs indicate the man’s manhood is not functional.
The man would have go to prison leaving this girl who might fall prey to many.

Wisdom Dordoe
Young Banker and Philanthropist
Founder & CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation
International Philanthropist Award Winner,
Global Goodwill Ambassador
40 Under 40 CEOs Award nominee.
Global Peace Ambassador for Ghana.
Child activists.

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