Give Me Hope Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NGO), has successfully sought justice for a 19-year-old and 20-year-old who are serving three years sentence.

They were imprisoned as a result of their failure to pay a fine of ¢1,900 and ¢1,600 respectively.

One of them who is an orphan was accused of driving a stolen motorbike.

The alleged owner of the motorbike absconded and couldn’t be traced upon hearing of his arrest.

He is alleged to have been using the motorbike for commercial purposes.

The second convict was accused of causing damage to the windscreen of someone’s car. Though he pleaded guilty, he admitted it was an accident and not intentional.

He claims to have been the sole breadwinner of his family and the one taking care of his sick mother.

According to Wisdom Dordoe, founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, they were informed of the two men’s need and they organised themselves to pay off the fines.

One of the young convicts was emotional upon finding out that the Foundation has paid for his release. Their release was fully funded by Leticia Osei, a UK-based Ghanaian donor of Give Me Hope Foundation.

“The action by the Foundation will help build a bright future for these boys. We have integration plans for them to make their dreams a reality.” Mr Dordoe said.

The Foundation is currently working on taking 650 children in the slums back to school on a scholarship when schools resume.

The Foundation is also planning its mega outreach which includes a health screening, clothes donations and the feeding of over 1000 less privileged in December.

“We want to thank everybody who helped us to make this happen. We call on corporate bodies to come on board and support us in our future endeavours,” Mr Dodoe added.

2 men imprisoned for their inability to pay court fines rescued by Give Me Hope Foundation

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