Give Me Hope Foundation, a non-governmental organization, in a bid to help the poor and homeless people in coping with the nation lockdown being enforced in the country to break the chain of infection caused by the spread of coronavirus, the Give Me Hope Foundation has started providing food for the homeless and people in police cell’s three times a week for the fourteen days period of the lockdown.

Mr Wisdom Dordoe added we are not in ordinary times and everybody is trying hard to find refuge till this storm of destruction that is currently crippling the world passes by. Individuals are making plans to be safe and governments are putting measures in place to save situations. Humanity is just on a cry for the earliest redemption

For millions of homeless, low-income or disabled people, however, running water can be a luxury, remote work isn’t an option and social distancing in a shelter or densely packed public housing is next to impossible. Never mind the difficulty of self-isolation or getting medical care for coronavirus concerns.

As a result, conditions like this will need everyone board.

He, however, extends his appreciation to all the donors, partners, organizers for supporting such worthy cause and reiterated the need for institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and advocates to partner them in supporting the homeless in this difficult times.

Is our mandate to help the poor of the nation to navigate through these bad times. However, state Governments efforts alone will not be enough hence call on everyone to join this fight to save our motherland.

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