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Give Me Hope Foundation organizes Let Peace Reign campaign

Give Me Hope Foundation in collaboration with Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Microwatch and supporting partners, a youth-led non-governmental advocacy organization have organized massive peace campaign dubbed ‘Let Peace Reign 2020’.

This was geared at advocating for peace and active youth engagement before, during, and after the 2020 general elections.

Addressing the media at the launch in Agbogbloshie, We mentioned that the youth make the majority in the country and play a major role in electoral peacebuilding.

Peace advocate and CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation Wisdom Dordoe said “As a youth-led organisation, we believe that young people have a crucial role to play in maintaining the peace we enjoy as well as meaningfully contributing to the electoral process.

Ernestina Mensah CEO, Glimmer of Hope Foundation said “Instead of being manipulated to fight for and be used by politicians, through this campaign, many young people should research, read the manifestos, engage candidates, step out in their numbers to vote as well as track their promises and hold them accountable”.

“The youth of Ghana have a lot to contribute and should be seen as resources and not problems. Give Me Hope Foundation and it’s partners would continue to set the young people’s development agenda and make the voice of the youth relevant in the corridors of power,” he stated. This comes as the general elections scheduled for December 2020 approaches.

One of the campaign’s peace ambassadors, Glady Biney expressed hope that manifestos will offer sustainable solutions to the many challenges face by the youth, particularly young women – unsafe abortions, unplanned pregnancies and sexual and gender-based violence.

“The peace campaign is an opportunity to strengthen the peacebuilding process to ensure a violent-free election as well as hearing the voices and views of young people from across Ghana and in the diaspora,” she said.

Mrs Nana Ama Anokye, another peace ambassador and member of Microwatch reiterated the need to involve young people in the quest to make the election a contest of ideas. “More engagements are needed especially among young people in rural and hard to reach communities, discussing the urgency to mobilize, share ideas and contribute meaningfully to the upcoming elections and beyond, to promote social and community development as well as national progress,”the team indicated.

They added Social Media Peace Campaign to seek to reduce the incidence of violence especially among youth while increasing youth voter turnout, encourage positive engagement with the political candidates on issues, mobilize commitments to and pledges for peace.

The collaborators expressed gratitude to the supporting partners, Sharing Hopes Foundation, Pato Suppressors foundation, Rising Icons international, Aunty Merkezi Foundation and the entire team for giving out their best in seeing the project through, not forgetting their donor partners.

Indeed, let’s all work together for peace to reign before, during and after the election.

Long live Ghana.

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Give Me Hope Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NGO), has successfully sought justice for a 19-year-old and 20-year-old who are serving three years sentence.

They were imprisoned as a result of their failure to pay a fine of ¢1,900 and ¢1,600 respectively.

One of them who is an orphan was accused of driving a stolen motorbike.

The alleged owner of the motorbike absconded and couldn’t be traced upon hearing of his arrest.

He is alleged to have been using the motorbike for commercial purposes.

The second convict was accused of causing damage to the windscreen of someone’s car. Though he pleaded guilty, he admitted it was an accident and not intentional.

He claims to have been the sole breadwinner of his family and the one taking care of his sick mother.

According to Wisdom Dordoe, founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, they were informed of the two men’s need and they organised themselves to pay off the fines.

One of the young convicts was emotional upon finding out that the Foundation has paid for his release. Their release was fully funded by Leticia Osei, a UK-based Ghanaian donor of Give Me Hope Foundation.

“The action by the Foundation will help build a bright future for these boys. We have integration plans for them to make their dreams a reality.” Mr Dordoe said.

The Foundation is currently working on taking 650 children in the slums back to school on a scholarship when schools resume.

The Foundation is also planning its mega outreach which includes a health screening, clothes donations and the feeding of over 1000 less privileged in December.

“We want to thank everybody who helped us to make this happen. We call on corporate bodies to come on board and support us in our future endeavours,” Mr Dodoe added.

2 men imprisoned for their inability to pay court fines rescued by Give Me Hope Foundation

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The Managing Director of Zeepay has extended healthcare and financial assistance to homeless, pregnant and nursing mother head porters (Kayaye).

Andrew Takyi-Appiah has been providing monthly healthcare financial assistance to over 40 of them.

The philanthropist also provided transportation for hundreds of kayaye to go back to their villages during the lockdown.

 He has also provided accommodation and insurance for the majority of the young girls who are pregnant due to rape as they claim..

Others say they have been forced into early marriage and have escaped the claws of their abusive husbands by making their way to Accra.

Although most of them are mostly pregnant, they face the harsh reality of carrying load for people to survive while they sleep rough on the street.

Mr Takyi-Appiah is a banking expert with over 15 years of experience in Banking and Business Development. He is also a household name in the Mobile Payments system.

His initiatives came as a result of a partnership with the ‘Give Me Hope Foundation’, an NGO that supports the needy and the homeless.

Wisdom Dordoe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation shared touching stories of the homeless on social media to garner support for them.

In an interview, Mr Dordoe said the Foundation was set up to be the voice for children and the less privileged in society.

He added that they aim at restoring hope and inspiring lives for the underprivileged into greatness.

“We are not relenting on what we have set out to do, though it has always been difficult mobilising for such a worthy course.

“Throughout our activities, we have been able to reach out to many needy and the homeless people across the country. We will continue using social media and individuals to seek help for the underprivileged in society,” he said.

“We wish to express our utmost gratitude to Andrew Takyi-Appiah who in various ways helped the Foundation make this great change happen for these homeless ‘Kayaye’.

“People like him give people hope and believe that they can do something with their lives. We call on individuals, corporate entities and other philanthropists to come on board so we change society by impacting people’s lives,” Mr Dordoe said.

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As part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the constant wearing of face masks is one of the highly-advised safety measures, alongside the frequent washing of hands with soap under running water.

But in many suburbs of Ghana, there’s little or no adherence to these protocols, particularly the constant wearing of nose masks.

Some persons who openly disregard this protocol cite the discomfort associated with it and the difficulty they experience with breathing freely as reasons for their involuntary disobedience.

Some others, however, attribute their noncompliance to their inability to purchase the PPE

On the back of this, two non-governmental organisations, Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation and the Give Me Hope Foundation, came together as part of their mandates to ensure that the less privileged in society who do not have the means to purchase nose masks are protected in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic nonetheless.

The two groups selected Chorkor, a densely populated fishing community, for its attribute as one of the most deprived areas in Accra.

The Founder and President of Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation, Nicholas Cofie, told Citi News that the two groups came together to distribute a total of 5,000 nose masks.

“We’re all very much aware of the global pandemic, COVID-19, and some of the reasons for people getting infected – people without nose masks, no social distancing and non-washing of hands regularly. So this is a way of us helping out in the government’s interventions, in terms of reducing the rate of infection. This is our way of supporting and impacting society.”

The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dodoe, added that the mission of the two groups transcended the distribution of the nose masks.

“It’s not just about the masks; we’re here to educate the young ones that are here. Schools will be resuming and a lot of children cannot go back to school. We have to give an opportunity to them. Those that cannot go back to school, those that are school dropouts, we’ll take them and give them education when school resumes.”

“We also have to educate the young ones on teenage pregnancy; let them know of all social vices that are around so that they can protect themselves before school resumes. We don’t want school to resume with majority of the students at home so we’re here to make an impact. As we educate them, we share the masks and tell them how to use them so that together, we can save the nation.”

On behalf of the indigenes, the Chorkor Mantse, Nii Adotey Barimah II, expressed the community’s collective gratitude to the two foundations for their benevolence.

“From the way you have spoken so far, I’m impressed. I wish whatever you’ve brought along will be enough to meet the demands and lead to everybody getting one for him or herself. And the stool will be very happy so that at the end of the day, Chorkor will be satisfied. At least we’ll remember you that during crisis time, these organisations came around to give us some support.”

Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation and the Give Me Hope Foundation are two independent non-governmental organisations; however, they share similar missions to alleviate the plight of the poor, needy and less privileged in society by meeting their basic needs through benevolence.

Residents of Chorkor get free face masks to fight COVID-19

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Give Me Hope Foundation, a non-governmental organization, in a bid to help the poor and homeless people in coping with the nation lockdown being enforced in the country to break the chain of infection caused by the spread of coronavirus, the Give Me Hope Foundation has started providing food for the homeless and people in police cell’s three times a week for the fourteen days period of the lockdown.

Mr Wisdom Dordoe added we are not in ordinary times and everybody is trying hard to find refuge till this storm of destruction that is currently crippling the world passes by. Individuals are making plans to be safe and governments are putting measures in place to save situations. Humanity is just on a cry for the earliest redemption

For millions of homeless, low-income or disabled people, however, running water can be a luxury, remote work isn’t an option and social distancing in a shelter or densely packed public housing is next to impossible. Never mind the difficulty of self-isolation or getting medical care for coronavirus concerns.

As a result, conditions like this will need everyone board.

He, however, extends his appreciation to all the donors, partners, organizers for supporting such worthy cause and reiterated the need for institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and advocates to partner them in supporting the homeless in this difficult times.

Is our mandate to help the poor of the nation to navigate through these bad times. However, state Governments efforts alone will not be enough hence call on everyone to join this fight to save our motherland.

Eyes on the Ground: Traders, customers return to Mallam Atta market on Day 6 of lockdown
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Prestige banking of Fidelity Bank in partnership with Give Me Hope Foundation have provided scholarships to a number of less privileged children at ‘Chorkor’ a suburb of Accra to go ‘Back to School With Smiles’.

The sponsorship which includes school uniforms, school bags, shoes and stationery were distributed to the children in the community. This is part of the department Corporates Social Responsibilities in giving back to society.

Speaking at the short ceremony at ‘Chorkor Chemunaa’ in Accra, the Head of Prestige Banking at Fidelity Bank, Miss. Jemima Audrey Annan stated that – “community development is one of fidelity bank’s core values as a financial institution and this educational support seeks to demonstrate that.

The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Mr. Wisdom Dordoe also noted that, “Society will be a better place if we get more departments and banks like Prestige Banking of Fidelity Bank to invest in the future of underprivileged children.”

“We are encouraged as an organization to continuously support these children and we believe support from the Banks and other institutions will boost their confidence and provide them with hope,”

The foundation with which the owner of the school at chorkor provides free education for over 400 underprivileged children in the community.

Mr. Wisdom Dordoe highlights that many of these children are orphans and do not belong to any formal orphanage homes, children that have dropped out of school, and some of them have never had the privilege to be in school before as a result of broken homes, lack of funds and with others having their parents serve time in prison. These accounts to many difficulties the children encounter as kids which renders them begging on the street for their lives and to survive.

This has been the focus of the foundation; to lighten the burden of these little ones by proving hope through the very initiatives to drive them to school and to restore hope for their future.

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Hundreds in Chorkor benefit from Give Me Hope Foundation’s free health screening

Source: Ghana | | Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 14-10-2019 Time: 10:10:27:pm

A non-profit organisation, Give Me Hope Foundation, has organised a free medical screening for the residents of Chorkor and its surrounding communities.

Dr Gloria Amegatch who serves as the Vice President of the NGO, engaged a team of medical staffs from Dr Rose Clinic and other volunteers to undertake the exercise.

Chorkor health screening

The common conditions diagnosed were malaria, chest and waist pains, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping disorders, malnutrition in children, anaemia, dental and eye problems.

The many beneficiaries, who had their health conditions checked could not hide their emotion as most of them said they could not afford the services. 

Chorkor health screening

They thanked and praised the people who have come to show them love and care. 

The residents urged the team to continue with the good work.

In an interview with Joy news, at chorkor, Wisdom Dordoe CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation said the event forms part of activities they were undertaking towards making life meaningful for people, especially children, orphans and the other less privileged individuals in society.

Chorkor health screening

“We wish to express our utmost gratitude to everyone who in various ways helped us to make this and other events we have organised a success and impacted in society.

“We, therefore, call on individuals, corporate entities and philanthropist to come on board so we would touch more lives,” Mr Dordoe pleaded.

Chorkor health screening

He said the organisation established six years ago, has awarded scholarships to more than 70 brilliant but needy students in the slum neighbourhoods, fight justice for people and rescued victims from prison.

It has also organized six mentorship programs in the capital, Accra and in Kumasi subsequently.

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Fidelity Bank gives hope to less privileged children at Chorkor

Source: Ghana | | Joy Business | AI
Date: 08-10-2019 Time: 05:10:57:pm

Fidelity Bank in collaboration with the Give Me Hope Foundation has provided support to 30 Less Privileged children of school-going age at Chorkor to go ‘Back to School’.

The educational support which includes exercise books, school uniforms, school bags, stationery and shoes were distributed to the less privileged children in the community.

This is part of the Fidelity-MoMo @ 10 Financial Literacy program, a CSR initiative of the Bank targeted at facilitating community development.

Speaking at a short but colourful presentation ceremony at Chorkor Chemunaa in Accra, the Director of Transactional Banking, Fidelity Bank, Gladys Thompson, stated, “community development is one of Fidelity Bank’s core values as a financial institution and this educational support seeks to demonstrate that.”

He added, “Fidelity Bank has led all the initiatives and innovations in the Mobile Money space with the ultimate aim of improving lives in communities.”

Our partnership with MTN mobile money dates back to its inception, 10 years ago, as the first partner bank for mobile money services.

Working together with MTN has been extremely successful in cultivating the habit of saving in our communities and broadening financial inclusion. We want to celebrate this success by giving to these young future leaders of Ghana, she added.

On his part, the CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, said, “Society will be a better place if we get more organizations like Fidelity Bank to invest in the future of underprivileged children.

“We are encouraged as an organization to continuously support these children and we believe support from the Bank will boost their confidence and that of their parents,”

The event also witnessed a special financial education session by officials of Fidelity Bank to some parents of the beneficiaries and members of the community at Chorkor, which focused on the need for them to save using MoMo & Y’ello save.

As part of the Fidelity MoMo @ 10 Financial Literacy program and CSR initiative selected pupils in JHS were given the rare opportunity to participate in a special tour at the Mamprobi branch of Fidelity Bank.

The objective was to let the children have a first-hand experience of the banking hall, obtain basic education on how the bank operates and be inspired to achieve more.

The event attracted officials of Give Me Hope Foundation and some opinion leaders of Chorkor Chemunaa.

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Give Me Hope Foundation organises empowerment program for students

Source: Ghana | | AI
Date: 25-09-2019 Time: 09:09:27:pm
Non-for-profit Give Me Hope Foundation has organised an empowerment program for students at the Methodist Junior High School 1 at Kaneshie in the Greater Accra region.

Dubbed ‘Empowerment on wheels’ the mentoring program is under the theme ‘Career Path’ had close to 200 participants.

Give Me Hope at Kaneshie Methodist

“The theme demonstrates our vision of providing tools for students to enhance their potentials, harness creativity and build confidence both in their academic and career endeavours,” said Wisdom Dordoe, founder of the Foundation.

He added that as future leaders, there is a need to encourage students to become exceptional in society by promoting individual growth through academic achievement.

Give Me Hope at Kaneshie Methodist

“We would promote educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence. Education is a powerful weapon which we can use to change the world,” Mr Dordoe said.

Give Me Hope at Kaneshie Methodist

Mentors took the candidates through various levels of preparing adequately for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and pointed out how that impacts on their respective career path.

Speakers included Glory Boateng, Adatsi Brownson, Angela Atsah, Afi Antonio Addo, Jerry Kwabena Awuku, Jonathan Perez Quarshie, Humphrey Asigbee and Abah Debbie Panji.

Give Me Hope at Kaneshie Methodist

The students also had the chance to experiencing psychological counselling.

Mr Dordoe thanked all the speakers, partners and donors for supporting such worthy cause.

Give Me Hope at Kaneshie Methodist

He reiterated the need for institutions, other NGOs, philanthropists and other donors to partner them in organising inspiring programs for students across the country.

Most of the participating candidates were excited about the seminar and expressed their profound gratitude to Give Me Hope Foundation for organizing such a seminar for them

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Give Me Hope Foundation rescues young pastor from prison 

Give Me Hope Foundation has successfully sought justice for a young pastor sentenced to serve three year in prisonfor public altercation resulting in assaults and his failure to pay ¢3000 fine by the court. 

The suspect who preaches on the street of Accra was found guilty of assaulting a man who did not allow him to preach at a said vantage point because he feels hurt by the messages of the young pastor. This resulted in misunderstanding between them which led to a the arrest of the pastor. 

The pastor was arrested and arranged before court. The court found him guilty of assault and fine him to pay or serve three years in prison. The pastor said at the point of the misunderstanding his phone was stolen and he will need police escorts to his village to inform his family of the case so they will pay the fine. However, the police could not give him that chance and have to serve the sentence and no family member knew his whereabouts in the city. 

Founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, Mr. Wisdom Dordoe was informed about the incident, he and his team paid the ¢3000 fine and worked to secure the release of the pastor from prison. 

The Foundation has also promise to help the convict integrate into the society, help him get something to do so as to earn a decent living and build a bright future for himself. 

In a related development, Mr Dordoe disclosed that this year; the foundation has paid fine for 10 people and sought their release from prison without any sponsorships,also, the foundation has taken 80 children in the slums back to school, and has organized 8 successful mentorships programs across the country. In addition, they have provided petty trading and skills development for 10 women on the street, save a lots of lives on the streets and integrated them to their communities for good. 

They are currently working on taking 50 children from the slums back to school with scholarships in the next Academic calendar. 

They are also planning a mega outreach program in which there will be a health screening, clothes donation and feeding about 2000 less privilege at Ankaful in Cape Coast prior to Christmas which is very keen and at the heart of the organization. 

“We are grateful to everybody who helped us to make this happen and continue to make great impact in people’s lives. We call on individuals, corporate entities and philanthropist to come on board so we make this change together,” Mr Dordoe added.

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