In this year 2021 we have implemented the following initiative and made this impacts.

1. Back to School With Smiles. We have provided education for 105 children back to school the year 2021. School fees, uniforms, shoes and bag.

2. We have provided 40 chairs to 40 children that seats on the floor to learn as part of our pledge to make sure no child is left behind in education.
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3. Give Me Hope Foundation touching lives of physically challenged children at Nsawan Orthopedic Center with rollator walkers, walking sticks, Nose masks, washing powders, bathing soaps, liquid soaps, T rolls, etc
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4. Empower Them Young Mentorships. Empowering the young ones in school into greatness.
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NGO organizes Empower Them Young Mentorship.

5. Give Me Hope Foundation touching lives of physically challenged children at Nsawan Orthopedic Center with rollator walkers, walking sticks, Nose masks, washing powders, bathing soaps, liquid soaps, T rolls, etc
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6: Give Me Hope Foundation in partnerships with Nsawam Orthopedic Centre provide solutions to children with bow legs. 6 children have successfully been provided with needed equipments to solve the problem. The remaining have been book for surgery to be done in October.

Give Me Hope Foundation touches lives of physically challenged children

7. Give Me Hope Foundation touches lives of physically challenged children

8. PAD 4 CHANGE PROJECT. Imitative to empower young and deprived girls with education on menstrual health education and provision of sanitaries.

9. Empower Them Young Mentorship at Kumasi .
Mentorships program at Kumasi.

10. Education scholarships to 100 less privileged at Northen Region.
Scholarships for less privileged students.

11. Clothes Outreach. Northen Region.
Mentorships and clothes outreach that has impacted over 500 less people.

12. Clothes Outreach. WA.
Clothes Outreach organized for WA villages.

13. Donations Impacts For Children With HIV. Donated food items, clothes, mask, books and others.

14. Free barbering organize at Agbogboshie.
Give Me Hope Foundation organize free barbering for 200 less privileged at Agbogboshie.

15. Free barbering at Chorkor.
Give Me Hope Foundation provided free barbering to underprivileged children at Chorkor.

16. Wheelchair donation. We raised funds to support two physically challenged children with electric wheelchairs. One touching program.

17. Smile With Street Children Outreach. Program that impacted over 1000 less privileged. 27th Dec 2021.

NGOs Hold Mega Programs for Chorkor Community 

NGOs Hold Mega Programs for Chorkor Community 

NGOs Hold Mega Programs for Chorkor Community 

NGOs Hold Mega Programs for Chorkor Community

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Give Me Hope Foundation

2020 media publications.

Give Me Hope Foundation Is Open For Partnerships/Collaboration | Announcements |

Covid 19 education for the street.


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation Feed the Homeless during Covid 19 lockdown.

Food for the homeless.

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation partners Alumi Methodist University to feed the homeless.

  1. Food for the homeless in partnerships with Rising Icons feed the homeless during Covid 19 lockdown.

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation organize Masks for the needy campaign.

  1. NGOs Donate Face Masks And Shields To Residents Of Chorkor


Residents of Chorkor benefit from Free Face Masks and Shields to help combat COVID19

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation in partnerships with Zeepay supported pregnant and breast feeding Kayayees on Health care and accommodation.

  1. Give me Hope foundation rescue teenagers from prison.

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation organize let peace reign campaign at Agbogbloshie.

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation organize free health screening for deprived communities.

  1. Give Me Hope Foundation organize free clothes for the people of Torgome community.

Wisdom Dordoe


In this year 2019 the following initiative have been implemented by us Give Me Hope Foundation.


  1. 20 children went back to school through Give Me Hope Foundation


  1. We have organized Stop the Trafficking Awareness Campaign.


  1. We have organized Preventable Child Mortality Awareness Education with partnerships with Kaneshie Polyclinic.


  1. We donated clothes, sanitaries and others to under privileged twins at Nsawan. They have gone to school through us.


  1. We raised funds to support brilliant but needy girl with eyes problem.


  1. Empower Them Young mentorships program. This program was organized at Kumasi. Donated exams materials.


  1. iCAN mentorships. Educational empowerment for the school going youth.


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation rescue a physical challenge woman.


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation provide trading for a street woman to save her children.

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  1. Give Me Hope Foundation rescue a boy from prison


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation has organize empowerment on wheels program.


  1. Back to school drive with smile in partnerships with Fidelity Bank.



  1. Free health screening at chorkor that has impacted so many lives.


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation freed pastor from prison.


  1. Give Me Hope Foundation partners Fidelity Bank Prestige Banking organize Back to smile with smile.
  2. Give Me Hope Foundation organized Smile of Hope Outreach




Give Me Hope Foundation in partnerships with Kaneshie Polyclinic organized preventable child mortality education campaign.
The awareness on ending preventable deaths of newborns and children under age with aiming to reduce neonatal mortality in Ghana.
Most of our mothers and newborns do not receive skilled care during and immediately after birth due to poverty. Most of newborn deaths can be prevented if known. Hence the need to antenatal seriously.
Doctors and medical experts who were the main speakers of the event also educated women on child abuse prevention and also educated them on security measures on recent child trafficking that is making waves in the country.

Mr Wisdom Dordoe, founder and CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation said Every Baby Deserves a Chance hence the awareness Campaign to support and inspires women from around the communities to take action in preventable child mortality to improve the health and well-being of women, infants and children.
The foundation donated bedsheets and towels to all the attendance.
Appreciation: we thank Labadi Beach Hotel for sponsoring the donated items for the program.
The founder of the foundation however called on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and advocates to support the campaign to extend it to other communities.


Meet the man educating girls in menstrual hygiene

Wisdom Dordoe’s strong belief in the youth and children has led him to start a small initiative titled iCAN Mentorship which gathered season speakers.

“We need to let our girls know that whatever sanitary method they use while menstruating, must be hygienic and that they should not feel ashamed during their period,” the founder of Give Me Hope Foundation said.

Mr Dordoe said a young lady having her period especially for the first time, is a thing of pride as it initiates her into the next stage of development.

This informed his decision to take his campaign to some Junior High Schools (JHS) in the Greater Accra as well as the Ashanti regions. 

Some of the beneficiary schools are Ordogonno JHS, Nsawan JHS and Presby JHS in Asante-Mampong in Kumasi. 

“We need everybody to show support for it because it is important to health and nation-building. If we are talking about empowering a girl child through personal hygiene; it is not just about health but also about social development,” he said.

“Menstruation should not be something hidden or to be ashamed of, instead, the girls should be empowered with enough information and means to make their menstrual periods more hygienic and comfortable for them,” Mr Dordoe said.

According to him, if the men want to see their women succeed, it is time young girls’ hygiene becomes an issue of priority for them.

“It is common for women to talk about young lady’s hygiene but I want the men to come forward to fight for this for our young rights,” he said. 

Some of the pupils who benefitted said it was an eye-opening experience for them and they got the opportunity to know their bodies better. 

Mr Dordoe’s Foundation distributed sanitary pads and mathematical sets to the students.

Wisdom Dordoe is a banker and founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, an NGO since 2013 which has been the voice for children and less privileged. He is also the country adviser for Naifa Naif Foundation.


From New York to Paris to Beijing, every human is said to have the power and opportunity to become successful in life, whether born into a rich family or poor, or even living a normal life or living with any form of disability.

However, in Ghana, there are very little opportunities as well as social intervention initiatives put in place to cushion persons living with disabilities.

On March 8, 2019, I was struck by the chilling story of a man together with his wife, who are all physically-challenged persons while on a visit to the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

The physically-challenged man whose wife was visibly pregnant shared his story with me on how he and his wife’s lives have been touched by a young man they described in their words as a ‘Guardian Angel’.

The man, who was in crutches while his wife was also in a wheelchair, gave his name as Emmanuel Bonah and legally married to his wife.

Mr Bonah, believed to be in his 40s narrating his ordeal revealed that he almost gave up on life after doctors at the Ridge Hospital told him that his pregnant wife was in a condition that needed her to go through cesarean-section in order to save her and that of his unborn baby, but couldn’t afford to raise any money.

Emmanuel Bonah who was almost in tears in his conversation told me that, in the middle of his frustration; he approached and narrated his plight to an unknown young man by the roadside around Ridge Hospital area, who instantly offered to assist him.


He added that, although he had little hope approaching the ‘stranger’ about his wife’s condition, he was amazed at the swift response and the compassion demonstrated by the young man towards him.

“This young man followed me to the hospital and guaranteed his personal car he was driving in, and urged the doctor to go ahead with the surgery and that he will come back and pay the bills and take back his car, such an unbelievable hero,” the man narrated amid tears.

Mr. Bonah insisted that his wife who was at the point of death together with his baby boy got their lives saved through the kind gesture of this ‘strange angel’.

And as a journalist, I decided to dig further in order to uncover more about the activities of this kind young man.


However, my checks revealed that the ‘Guardian Angel’ in question is a young banker and philanthropist who currently works with Ghana’s Fidelity Bank.

He is also the founder of Give Me Hope Charity Foundation that has touched thousands of lives over the years.

Speaking exclusively to this young man, he gave his full name as Wisdom Dordoe, and insisted that his gesture to Mr. and Mrs. Bonah was influenced by his poor upbringing as a child far back in the Volta Region of Ghana.

“I have seen and tasted how poverty is and I have always promised myself to make a difference by touching other underprivileged people’s lives in society, especially vulnerable groups and children,” Wisdom Dordoe said.

Give Me Hope Foundation which was founded in 2013 is aimed at restoring hope and inspiring the lives of underprivileged people in Ghana.

“My ultimate aim is to see every Ghanaian child get access to education, empower the youth, create child abuse awareness, expose domestic violence and as well give voice to the voiceless,” he added.

Give Me Hope Foundation has over the years embarked on numerous life-changing projects by touching the lives of orphanage homes, street children, prison inmates as well as vulnerable individuals across the country.

Mr. Wisdom Dordoe in his final submission encouraged Ghanaian youth to develop more interest in charity and community works; by tackling pressing issues that matter most to them in society.

“I cannot stress how important this is in every society by addressing an issue that you’re emotionally connected with in order to bring real results and change into the lives of other people regardless of your income bracket,” he said.


Wisdom Dordoe celebrated his birthday on 14th December 2018 to make the day a memorable as a young philanthropist he went round the street of Accra sharing foods to the homeless and beggars on the street.
Over hundred packs food was shared to put a smiles on their faces. He quoted “There are a lots of people on our street so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”

Feeding the homeless on the street did not end there but he and his team went to Kaneshie Policlinic Marternity ward to touch lives of women in the ward. He donated bedsheets and other items to all the women in the ward and the hospital at large. He also had a talk with the women in the hospital on child abuse prevention awareness. 

Give Me Hope Foundation holds mega ‘Needy Child Outreach’ programme for Royal Seed Orphanage

Non-profit organization, Give Me Hope Foundation has held its much-talked about December charity programme for some underprivileged children at the Royal seed Orphanage in the Central Region.

The program, the ‘Needy Child Outreach’ programme was fun-packed with so many free activities including; eye screening, medication, barbering, makeup, face painting, food, drink bazar as well as entertainment. The foundation also donated clothes, food items, educational materials and other assorted items worth over GH¢50,000. 
There was also educational talks on Child abuse prevention awareness and Career empowerment to motivate the underprivileged children to inspire them to greatness.

Success Stories: Education Sponsorship

We are happy to continue our education“
Education sponsorship child Give Me Hope Foundation save their lives.
Three years ago this children parents find themselves in prison over dead body found in their back yard. This poor family do not have money to get legal assistance.
Their three children dropped out of school and living on the street for survival. Getting two squares meals a day was a challenge and their elder sister at 12 years goes to sell water in traffic to feed them.
Our visits to prison that led to their mother telling us us about their stories and we look for the children and found them. 
With the help of Give Me Hope Foundation this children were given sponsorships to go school. Their food and care are also sponsored by the foundations.

The Founder of Give Me Hope Foundation Wisdom Dordoe has been nominated for Global Goodwill ambassador as humanitarian


Give Me Hope Foundation has launched an empowerment tour program for students dubbed “Empower Them Young” at Abeka Junior High School.
According to the founder of the foundation, the campaign is aimed to empower and improve lives of students across deprived communities and also create platform to enhance students’ skills and talents despite challenges. 
“Our goal is to put them on a path to leadership. Use creative methods to encourage disadvantaged students to excel by offering mentorship, summer camps and after school activities,” Mr Wisdom Dordoe said.

Speaking at the launch, guest speaker Miss Ophelia Oni said “we need to boost the confidence of students through constant and consistent engagement with accomplished personalities from across the professional field…We must narrow the gap between the student world and professional world”  

The founder of the foundation however called on institutions, NGOs, philanthropists, donors and advocates to support the campaign.

Give Me Hope Foundation, in collaboration with Alfie Design has organized a free sewing training for girls and women in some deprived communities. Twenty women from Abossey Okai Zongo, Agbogboshie, Korle Gono, Kasoa, and Mallam were the first batch to start. The founder of the Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, said the programme was part of women empowerment adaptation measures to reduce poverty and promote quality livelihoods among the people, especially women.

He believes training the women would serve as an income generating venture to make money to enable them to take good care of their familie .Reducing poverty among women requires a mix of pro-poor policies and strategies which target the informal sector and vulnerable groups such as the youth and women,” he said.

According to him, many other women will benefit from in the near future. For her part, Dede Asary, the General Manager for Alfie Design said the company is a woman-focused one which is into manufacturing of apparel and training of women for free.They believe in training vulnerable group of girls and women so they gain access to affordable informal training and entrepreneurial support services, which in the long term contributes to an enabling environment that promotes women enterprise.


Give Me Hope Foundation provide sponsorship for a less privileged girl who lost her father who is the bread winner at a tender age. Her mother is doing house help to provide food for the house. Give Me Hope Foundation pick the story up and  sponsor her to university. Her school fees and others things have been paid.  We restore hopes and inspire lives.

Give Me Hope Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation, in collaboration with its partners, have donated assorted items worth over GH¢60,000 to the Female Division of the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons in the Eastern Region.
The items included sanitary pads, baby diapers and bath sets, bathing soaps, tooth pastes and brushes, 50 plastic chairs, 200 pieces of towels and bed-sheets, washing powder, sachets water and food items.
The gesture forms part of the Foundation’s commitment to touching lives and restoring hopes to the needy and the less-privileged in the society.
The visit afforded members of the Foundation the opportunity to interact with the inmates to hear their stories and understand the reality of being in prison cells.
There were counselling sessions for the inmates and motivational talks from seasoned speakers and men of God.


Education Programs

The Student Adoption Program started since 2013 with the aim to provide financial and emotional support for the brilliant and needy children. We consistently offer scholarships, free education and tuition classes as per our selection criteria. We provided below.

  • School uniforms and shoes
  • Tuition and classroom fees
  • Transportation to school
  • After-School Tutorial Program providing teachings and nutritious meals.



Trading Sponsorship

Elizabeth lives with her single mother who works as a banana seller in the traffic of kasoa. Coming from a vulnerable background, Elizabeth felt that she had the potential to reach greater heights. She was a bundle of talent, but was unsure on how to effectively channelize it. This changed when he got introduced to the Dream Career Connect Program. In Elizabeth own words, she could see a measurable change in her life after being associated with the Career Connect Program to learn fashion design which has been her dream. She said, “Previously, I used to have a carefree attitude to life. I lacked commitment, focus and a sense of responsibility towards my own future. I always believed that I was intelligent, talented and good at studies, but I did not realize the importance of hard work, commitment or discipline in life that one ought to have, to become successful. I also learnt that it is important to take initiatives and come out of one’s comfort zone in order to realize one’s potential.” Life skills sessions at Career Connect played a pivotal role in his transformation. With a beaming smile, he says, “Life skills sessions were an eye opener to me.



School Uniforms distributions

Give Me Hope Foundation, 28 January 2013 has distributed school uniforms, shoes, bags and stationary and other goods among 100 poor students in Northern Region “We collected donations to purchase goods for the poor and orphan school children” the poor parents face difficulties in buying school uniforms, bags and stationary for their children.



Eye Of The Lord Orphanage Medical Screening and Donations

Medical screening is a strategy used in a population to identity an unrecognized disease in individuals without signs or symptoms. This can include individuals with pre-symptomatic or unrecognized symptomatic disease. As such, screening tests are somewhat unique in that, they are performed on persons apparently in good health. Screening interventions are designed to identify disease in a community early, thus enabling earlier intervention and management in the hope to reduce mortality and suffering from a disease.



Village of Hope Orphanage Donations

We donated confectionaries and toiletries and were donated to the orphans in support of care for the care for them.


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