Kwame Ken’s got a medical condition called hydrocephalus which has affected his head and hence it has caused swelling.

After swollen, Kwame had undergone two surgeries already at Korle Bu teaching hospital. Now the specialists have said that he needs to undergo another surgery ASAP owing to his condition.

Hydrocephalus is a neurological condition caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid, resulting in pressure on the brain.

The cost of the surgery amounts to $9100. We are urging people for contributions to save his life.

Online donations.

Account transfer.

Fidelity Bank Lts Ghana 

Account number:2090086444016

Branch: Abossey Okai.

Name: Give Me Hope Foundation.

With your support we can save his life. 


Wisdom Dordoe 

CEO, Give Me Hope Foundation.

Ambassador, Child Abuse Awareness. 

Global Goodwill Ambassador.

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